My Vows Chemise 31"


The photo shows the My Vows Top which is shorter, but the real Chemise is 31-32" long. Apologies for missing the photo of the chemise, but we can tell you this is the Brides' favorite in the cotton/silk category.  

It's bias cut, so it has a beautiful drape on the body and also stretches for comfort.   Low back and criss cross straps.

You won't be able to see it, but this sweet chemise has tiny hand sewn pearls on the lace... I know, it wasn't my idea, my team of seamtresses and my mother wanted to make it JUST PERFECT, no matter how much time it takes us to make each one of them.

70% Cotton, 30% silk
Please wash by hand with a delicate wash, it can be woolite or here in our site you can find The Laundress Delicate Wash.  

32" Length from shoulders.

And here comes the bride!