We were featured in March 12 2016

It's March now, but February left us with a good taste in our mouth.  We were featured in Seattle Bride and Groom magazine in a BEAUTIFUL photo, sharing stage with other pretty things, you got to see it!  

Salua at Seattle Met Bride and Groom

Salua at Seattle Met Bride and Groom


Not only a printed magazine, but Vogue featured us! We missed the Valentine's feature but we were told for the second one... not that we don't read Vogue everyday, but you know, sometimes you miss it!  The Valentine's issue was called "Ditch the Dating Rules! Wear What you Want, Do What You Like"  So our comfy striped Boyfriend shirt made its appearance next to a candy heart and a $1,495 knit hoodie :).  


And the second feature was how to wear the corset out, you we've been talking a lot about showing our pretty, delicate, exclusive, silky and lacey undergarmetns out? Vogue showed how to rock Salua's Lace Corset with a sweater:

Salua Lace Corset.  Photo courtesy of Journelle.comSalua Lace Corset.  Photo courtesy of

The photo of our Black Lace Corset is courtesy of  They have all sizes at the moment, so feel free to get yours at their website.



Fall Is Here February 04 2013

Another beautiful fall day in Seattle. Come see visit us in our shop today, and try on our new Stardust Collection! 

Silky soft tops and bottoms in a variety of blush, grey, and white.